Jacquie Butlin School For Dogs


1-2-1 Training

Personal training by one of our consultants offers the opportunity to take your training skills and working relationship with your dog to the next level. Many dog owners recognise that training in a group or class situation does not prepare them for the challenges that they encounter on a day-to-day basis and seek help from our experts. Our “Real World Training Programme” delivers results.

A dog in the family brings with it responsibilities, not only to your dog, but also to yourself, your family and other people. With a training programme tailored exclusively for you and your dog, you can be sure that together, your dog will be a credit to you, whether at home or when socialising with friends. We can help you fulfil your aspirations – having fun and enjoying your dog in all circumstances, whenever or wherever you go with your best friend.

Today, even though there are more dog trainers, more books, more training aids and certainly more treats, there are also more badly behaved dogs than ever before. Most of the clients we see love their dogs yet they lack sufficient understanding of dog behaviour and the causes of many of the common canine behaviour problems that are seen at this practice. We can help – contact us now!

“If you treat a dog like a person, it will treat you like a dog” – Colin Tennant