Jacquie Butlin School For Dogs


Client Feedback

Alfie   (Irish Beagle)

“Alfie now walks really well and is coming to realise he is ignored until calm, which is working. My son has just come home after 3 months and said he could see a huge difference.” MP

Ryder (Labrador)

“Since we have had training, Ryder is making excellent progress. We will continue to keep the training programme going. Highly recommend Jacquie to train problem dogs.'” RE

Wolf (Cocker Spaniel X Poodle)

“The overall experience was excellent and I would certainly recommend Jacquie to anyone.” ALS

Tess    (Border Collie)

“I was starting to despair about both dogs’ behaviour, but after the consultation I find it hard to believe the change in them. They are much nicer to take out.” DA

Alfie   (Tibetan Terrier)

“The change in Alfie’s behaviour already is huge and as a result of him not being pack leader in the home anymore he has become much more relaxed.” SA

Buddy  (Collie X)

“Jacquie was very helpful with our dog Buddy. The whole set up that she has at her doggy day care and dog training centre is fabulous. Buddy was introduced to other dogs in a very calm manner. I feel it would be beneficial for a great deal of owners that I know, who have dogs with reaction problems to other dogs.” KI

Lola  (Spanish water dog)

“I could not believe how quickly my dog responded to the strategies suggested. Since the consultation I feel that I have become more confident in the way I handle my dog and life with her is certainly more enjoyable.” JG