Jacquie Butlin School For Dogs


Dog Day Care

Our Day Care facilities are amongst the best in the British Isles. Exercise areas are securely fenced and allow the dogs to run free in managed areas whilst socialising with their new friends. In sunny, hot conditions they can enjoy relaxing in shaded areas so the dogs are able to play or rest. In inclement weather, the dogs can relax in our extensive indoor facilities in comfort.

Our trained staff are happy to collect your dog from your home each morning and at the end of his day with us he will be chauffeured home, a tired but happy dog!

Canine guests are constantly supervised, stimulated and socialised in a safe environment.

Why not take advantage of our training plans?

We’ll train your dog to stop him pulling on lead, to come back when called, to sit calmly when being fed and to leave precious possessions alone when unattended – we can help, so just ask for more information