Jacquie Butlin School For Dogs


Dog Pack Walks

Enjoying a relaxed walk with your dog amongst friends and their dogs is a great experience for all, but walking your dog under the expert guidance of Jacquie in a pack is so much more!

to Jacquie has received tuition from many of the worlds most highly regarded dog trainers and brings that experience to the Dog Pack Walks she guides from her training centre in the lush surroundings on Jersey. Many dogs pull on the lead when walking with their owner, but it can be much, much worse in a pack situation, so these walks offer the perfect opportunity to train your dog to relax in company of other dogs and people.

Socialisation and mental stimulation are essential aspects of successfully training any dog. The benefits of having a well-socialised dog cannot be overstated and mentally stimulating our dogs contributes to good behaviour patterns. An idle mind gets up to mischief! Chat with fellow dog owners, discuss dog behaviour and training issues and enjoy a really enjoyable experience when you join us on our exclusive Jersey Dog Pack Walks.

You’ll learn how to teach your dog to sit calmly, put the lead on her without her excitement taking over and wait for you to give the command to set off. Jacquie’s dogs will demonstrate that the lead is clipped on when they sit quietly and only then can they move when given the command. The handler always leads the dog and when on a dog pack walk the dogs will learn to walk on a loose lead, not competing for pack position. What better way to train your dog than in company of friendly dogs and owners out for a social walk in the Jersey countryside?

Please refer to Jacquie Butlin School for Dogs Facebook page for up to date details of the dog pack walks. Please note that all dogs need to be assessed prior to the walks.